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Learn Me is a knowledge-based, independent ABA consulting practice. With over 100 years of combined experience, our multidisciplinary team of clinicians, educators and engineers join forces to design fun and engaging plans for your family.

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    Dr. Saikou Diallo

    Co-Founder & Technical Director

    Meet Dr. Saikou Diallo, PHD

    Dr. Saikou Diallo is the former Chief Scientist and Director of Internal Research and Development at the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC), Old Dominion University. He was VMASC’s lead researcher in Human Simulation and Simulated Empathy where he applied Modeling, Simulation and Analytics to study the connection between people on all spectrums (visual, hearing, autism) and artificial beings. Dr. Diallo is the past president of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) and is very active in academia, government and industry in the domain of decision support, inclusion and access to technology. Dr. Diallo currently works as a Scientific Advisor at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. Dr Diallo has over 150 publications in peer-reviewed journal and conference articles and is an internationally recognized speaker and lecturer.

    Position: Co-Founder & Technical Director


    Email: info@learnmeaba.com

    Phone: 1 (800) 566-7198

    Saikou Diallo